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Tadé was born in 1994 from Thaddée de Slizewicz’s discovery of the Middle East, a fascinating land that offered him a mythical beauty product: the Aleppo soap. Striking a partnership with a local soap maker, Thaddée created Tadé, the leading importer of Aleppo soap in France for the past 20 years. Despite the recent geopolitical changes in the country, Tadé is proud to still be able to help local producers to live from their trade while importing soap and handcrafted products for its markets. In the bare spirit of oriental bath, Thaddée also created a range of cosmetics and bath products crafted on the banks of the Mediterranean Sea.

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Tadé guarantees the authenticity and origin of its soaps, all natural, organic and imported directly from the city of Aleppo, the last remaining city in which the traditional, authentic “laurel soap” is made in cauldrons by artisans. Sweetly scented with levantine fragrances, Aleppo soap is made with olive and laurel oils and is let to dry in the fresh air. Ecological, natural, incomparably soft, it helps soothing and reenergizing the skin. While drawing on the latest advances in modern skincare, Tadé’s products are formulated using the minimum number of ingredients, making them as ecological and natural as possible.


Although Tadé has been specialized in the distribution of original Aleppo soaps, they also offer other beauty products and have widened their range to include bath products and accessories, to complete their hammam-oriented lines. 

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