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Pranarôm is a laboratory of scientific and medical aromatherapy founded in 1991 by Dominique Baudoux, pharmacist aromatologist known worldwide and appreciated for his books on aromatherapy.

A family business at its core, Pranarôm has grown to become the undisputed and indisputable expert of innovative and natural solutions designed from 100% pure and organic chemotyped essential oils, real responses targeted to all areas of health and adapted to the whole family.

Through training and information sharing, the brand combines an industrial application with a rigorous scientific approach and brings together more and more talent, innovative products and field initiatives.


Scientific medical aromatherapy is the use of chemotyped essential oils by the cutaneous, oral, vaginal, rectal, nasal, atrial and olfactory routes to ensure a complementary care or a preventive or curative care of a wide range of conditions in men, the animal and the plant, both in terms of the destruction of pathogenic infectious foci and the management of symptomatic, organic or functional disorders of said disease.

As opposed to drugs obtained by chemical synthesis or extraction of active ingredients, phyto-aromatherapy is the natural medicine par excellence. The structure of an essential oil is complex and never has a single therapeutic property but many. There are therefore opportunities for synergy and potentiation that allow individualization of therapy.

Traditional medicines and the use of plants in empirical medicine have often led to high-level scientific research. In most cases, this research leads to the discovery of original substances of significant therapeutic value. Industrial pharmacy largely benefits from these isolated molecules, purified and then used by conventional medicine; but plants (source of these molecules) were already and are still successfully used in aromatherapy in various forms. Aromatic plants cure or contribute to cure, sometimes very quickly, not only fatigue, insomnia, headaches, flu, cough, rheumatism, colds, but also many diseases.


Because everyone’s skin is unique, Nuxe has created a specific biological answer for each type of skin and every kind of problem. They improve the skin’s tolerance, resistance and adaptability to its environment.

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