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Created in 1977 by Jean-Noël THOREL a pharmacist specialized in medical biology, Bioderma offered a revolutionary approach at the time. His goal: to fully understand skin biology in order to create dermatological skin care products that restore natural balance and strengthen the skin. Forty years and over 50 international patents later, BIODERMA’s advanced research has profoundly affected the way beauty products are designed and formulated. Today, Laboratoire BIODERMA is prescribed by dermatologists, advised by pharmacists and acclaimed by consumers around the world. The company  collaborates with numerous fundamental dermatological research entities and is closely tied to several dermatology services in hospitals.



Skin is an ecosystem; it lives in relation to its environment and evolves over time. Instead of treating it, Bioderma aims at teaching it how to live better, using biological assets to counter the effect of one’s environment, medication and ageing. Bioderma products reproduce the skin’s natural biological mechanisms through their components and how they act on skin to return it to full health in a lasting way. To guarantee the highest level of dermatological safety, BIODERMA products also contain a limited number of ingredients and the purest active ingredients, all at the optimal dose. Any product that is deemed dermatologically questionable is excluded, in favor of molecules that are naturally present in the skin.


Because everyone’s skin is unique, Bioderma has created a specific biological answer for each type of skin and every kind of problem. They improve the skin’s tolerance, resistance and adaptability to its environment.

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